The Besties Take On Emma Approved Part Four

Ang: Y’all know the drill!
Kim: We, the besties, have been reviewing Emma Approved ten episodes at a time during the Emma group reading of amazeballz.
Ang: The first week, we reviewed 1-10.
Kim: The second week, we reviewed 11-20.
Ang: The third week, we reviewed 21-30.
Kim: And this being our final week, we are reviewing 31-40.
Ang: Y’all ready for this?!!

Without further ado,
we proudly present to you our final bestie review of Emma Approved,
episodes 31-40, that is.

31. Listening, Again
bestie description: Alex storms in, and we swoon.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Emma admitted that she has been wrong before? Did pigs just fly?
Ang: Pissed off Mr. Knightley is HAWT.

Ang: Smiley Knightley has all the adorbs.
*pets screen*

Kim: Wait, how did Izzy’s husband not know she wanted to finish school?
Ang: Because poor writing…I mean, men = dumb.

32. Back in Business
bestie description: Emma channels Daft Punk and Harriet starts a club.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Step away from the Krav Maga lessons!
Ang: Dude, but really. Emma seems to think the best way to communicate with people is by pushing them around, can you IMAGINE if she knew Krav Maga?
Poor Knightley would be black and blue.

Kim: Alex wants Emma to work on their communication. *swoon*

Kim: Emma and Alex have a moment and Harriet should have just turned her butt around and left without a word…come on girl!

33. Back in the Saddle
bestie description: Emma is unstoppable and we fear for all our safety.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Intimate gathering of stuck up rich drunk people…yay?
Ang: *weakly waves pom-poms*
Kim: Poor Knightley is going to get an ulcer because of this woman.
Ang: We might need to start a Protect the Knightley Club.
Kim: Oh yeah, heaven forbid she be financially responsible!
Ang: She’s above us common folk. Hair flips and fancy shoes are her concerns.
Money? Pffft. That grows on trees.

34. Attitude and Gratitude
bestie description: We meet Emma’s dad’s Harrie (wha…huh?), and Emma downs wheatgrass.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Emma is the master of delicate situations said no sane person ever.
Ang: #fact
Kim: I heart Maddy Bates.

Ang: With all the hearts.
Kim: MAMA. I feel like Emma has met her match!
Ang: I wanna see Jane!
Kim: The Queen of England! bwahahaha!

35. Flies to Honey
bestie description: We eat fancy jams and fall harder for Maddy.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Can we please always be in Alex’s office?
Ang: Yes.

Kim: People can pay me with pie any day.
Ang: MAMA, you can feed me pie EVERYDAY!
Kim: All I’ve learned from this is that the rich and powerful love an open bar.
blah blah blah plot
Ang: blah blah blah need more Alex

36. Internal Troubles
bestie description: Emma laughs in the face of details and planning.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Is Emma sane?
Ang: No.
Kim: “I have to back you call, Emma.”

Ang: BMart in the HOUSE.
Kim: Martin and Harriet awkward adorbs of sadness.

Ang: Emma really could have used those Krav Maga lessons right about now.
Kim: Am I the only one who wants to punch Emma in the face?
“Men can be so insensitive.” #irony

37. Cinderella in the Making
bestie description: Harriet is worked to the bone for her own good.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Never saving the whales! Down with the whales!*
Ang: Death to the beast that shall not be named!
Kim: If Emma is the fairy godmother I’ll stick with the wicked stepmother.
Ang: Truth.
Kim: Blah blah blah plot stuff
Ang: Blah blah blah Jane Fairfax
Kim: OoOoOH! KNIGHTLEY’s name was said!

Ang: Kniiiiiightley.

38. Surprise, Surprise
bestie description: Emma and Frank Churchill meet, and we all find out they are both manipulators. Plus, outrageous flirting.

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Knightley and I have the same-ish keyboard.
*cuddles keyboard*
Kim: “How old was the whale?”
Ang: #AdorbsKnightleyIsAdorbs
Kim: I hate to be the voice of reason but Emma is insane. I gotta say, I love seeing Emma crumbling under pressure.
Ang: #fact
What the what? Frank Churchill.

Kim: Really? Do you really not know Jane, Frankie?
Ang: Liar liar pants on fire.
Innnnnnteresting, sort of?

39. Benefiting the Greater Good
bestie description: Emma is all cleavage and it’s obviously for Frank freaking Churchill. Because classsssy.

bestie thoughts:
Kim: Flirty Emma makes me gaggy.
Ang: The. Worst.
Ang: Her dumbness level is off the charts.
Knightley interruption for the win!
Kim: “How pretentious the party was?”
Snarky Knightley is my hero.

Ang: Did Frank just feel up Mr. Knightley’s leg?

Kim: And check out his ass??

Ang: The hell just happened?

40. Two for Two
bestie description: Frank has motives and Alex seeees them!

bestie thoughts:
Ang: Emma’s gonna “deal” with Harriet? By dealing with her does she mean, EAT HER FACE.
Kim: You better give that girl a raise!
Ang: I like your shirt, Mr. Knightley.

I also like your fancy new haircut and your face.
Kim: Emma’s disdain for Jane makes my cold dead heart happy.


41. Karma is a…
bestie description: Things finally get interesting!

bestie thoughts:
How sad is it that we’re excited over seeing one of THE MOST hated characters from TLBD. They’re totes playing us, aren’t they, best?

Final “final” thoughts with the besties!
Things we’d like to see:

Ang: Personally, I’d like Alex and Darcy in a room together for a side by side comparison, which is a totes legit thing to want.
Kim: I’m excited to see how this Caroline story line plays out…the woman is the devil. I love it.
Ang: Truth. I’d also like to see a Knightley/Emma kiss, for reasons.


Thanks to the lovely collaborators and readers of Indie Jane
for letting us muck of their beautiful site with our ridiculousness!
We’ve had a blast.
Until next time,

Need more besties in your life? You can find Kim & Ang on the Twitter. And make sure to check out the swoontastic, Emmy award winning Bestie to Bestie for all your Knightley needs.

*Kim lives in Alaska, but she is deathly afraid of whales…it’s a totes legit phobia.



What would you do if you could get into your favorite book?

Geeky grad student Kelsey Edmundson finds herself between the pages of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice in this rollicking, post-modern romp.


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Kelsey Edmundson is a geek and proud of it. She makes no secret of her love for TV, movies, and, most especially, books. After a bad breakup, she retreats into her favorite novel, Pride and Prejudice, wishing she had some of the wit and spirit of Elizabeth Bennett.

One night at a party Kelsey meets handsome Australian bartender Mark Barnes. From then on, she always seems to run into him when she least expects it. No matter how Kelsey tries, she always seems to say the wrong thing.

After a particularly gaffe-filled evening around Mark, Kelsey is in desperate need of inspiration from Jane Austen. She falls asleep reading Darcy’s letter to Lizzy and awakens to find herself in an unfamiliar place that looks and sounds suspiciously like her favorite book. Has she somehow been transported into Pride and Prejudice, or is it just a dream?

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Friday Fun: Pick Your Emma

Last Friday Nancy talked about several of the hotties that play Mr. Knightley in various adaptations.  We all have our favorites (I’m torn between ALL OF THEM).


This week it’s all about Emma..who is the best at playing Jane’s most unlikeable heroine?


Gwyneth Paltrow:



Romola Garai:



Kate Beckinsale:



Joanna Sotomura in Emma Approved:




And for fun, Alicia Silverstone as Cher:



So who is the closest to your mental image of Emma?  Or maybe you have another actress in mind that you’d cast in your perfect version…let me know in the comments!

Against His Will Comes Together

In the almost four weeks since quitting my job, I’ve ironically spent very little time on my upcoming release. I sent it to beta readers in early July, and I won’t be digging into the final revision until next week. However, I can tell you a few things about Against His Will.

First, I have a summary. I wrote this six months ago, and it still fits the book.

Sebastian Montgomery never thought he’d inherit a title. Quite comfortable in his role as the family black sheep, he has made a life for himself as one of England’s most valuable agents against Napoleon. Now he will be expected to remain at home as the Earl of Lisle, fulfilling all manner of domestic duties–starting with finding a wife and ensuring the continuance of the family line.

Kitty Bennet met Seb when he was just Mr. Montgomery and quickly developed a crush on him–feelings she now assumes will remain unrequited, as an earl is out of her reach. Sebastian however has no interest in a grand alliance. If he must marry, he will choose a wife with the capacity for intelligent conversation. Kitty’s gift for witty banter draws him to her; any affection he feels for her is simply an added bonus.

But their potential happiness is threatened by someone they don’t even know–the man who killed Sebastian’s grandfather and uncle. When the danger becomes real, Sebastian realizes that, almost against his will, he has fallen in love with Kitty. Can he solve a decades old family mystery in time to keep her safe?

There’s also an early version of chapter one here and the current version of chapter five here.

Second, I have… potential cover design possibilities. If that sounds less than solid, it’s because it is. The first picture I selected won’t work, so I had to go back to the drawing board on Sunday. I have a list of eight or so that I like, so hopefully before I go to the UK, I’ll have something to share with you.

Third, the release date is holding steady at October 15. Of course, lots could go wrong between now and then, but I’m taking a glass half full approach. As long as I get my revision done before I leave, my proofreader should have plenty of time to get it back to me and etc down the line. Mark it in red, people!

Finally, there will be a Christmas novella! This is the biggest project I’ve worked on since leaving the library. It follows Colin Maitland and Daphne Chatterton, two original characters I’ve developed throughout the series. With that story, the Brides of Pemberley series will come to a close.

After that, who knows? I have several non-Austen projects that I’ve put off over the years. I know I’ll be working on my Robin Hood/Pirates story for NaNoWriMo, and I’m pecking away at my first attempt at a fantasy novel right now.

As for Austen… I don’t have anymore ideas after this series is done. A few things have come to mind, but nothing has really grabbed at my imagination and forced me to write them.

Just Do It

I originally wrote this post for Indie Jane in 2011.  I’ve found myself facing a similar perfectionism dilemma with my current projects, so I thought now would be a perfect time to repost this. 


I am a major perfectionist.

My perfectionism takes an even more self-defeating form than most because I suffer from what I call “avoidance perfectionism.” See, if I never START a project, I can’t mess it up. It therefore remains perfect in my mind. I suppose like Lady Catherine “if I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient.”

This affects many parts of my life, most notably housework. It also affects my ability to write. All that lovely writing advice you hear out there about turning off your internal editor? Those people are talking to me! If I were to do a breakdown on editor vs. non-editor-purely-creative-part-of-my-brain I would put it at about 75/25. It’s not a healthy situation.

Maybe you are like me, and your internal editor screams and screams and refuses to shut up, or you find it best to maintain perfection by complete avoidance. If so, how do we overcome and actually get some writing done?

This is going to sound so simple . . . and maybe a bit condescending . . . that is totally not my intent at all. Here is what works for me.

Just do it.

You know, like Nike.


All that crap about the first step is the hardest, and a journey of a bazillion miles begins with a single step – it kind of all pertains here. The hardest part of writing is that first word, that first sentence, that first chapter, getting something on that page. Staring at a blank screen or a blank piece of paper has to be the most intimidating thing ever in the history of man. And guess what the second hardest part is? Starting again after you stop – whether it’s for the day, a week, a month, a year . . . whenever you come back to your work in progress it can be just as hard to restart as it was to start, to put fingers to keys and keystrokes to screen. It just is!

So you know what, you have to just do it. Take the plunge. Tell your internal editor to shut up. Editing is for later. Right now it is like drawing without an eraser, forward and forward only (many thanks to my artist friend Victoria for that analogy, it’s now my mantra). It doesn’t have to be perfect. It just has to be.

I was having a conversation with Nancy the other day about a plot point in the novel I’m working on and I kept saying “Well I think I want so-and-so to do this, but I’m not sure how to get there, yadda yadda.” I finally came to the conclusion that I just needed to have the character do it! I could spend the entire writing session waffling on about how to make it work, whether or not I should do it, or I could just write it. (Side note, this works because I am a total pantser, don’t even start with the “how can you be a pantser and a perfectionist?” If I spent time making charts and graphs I’d get caught up in making those perfect and never writer a gol’durn thing. The end.)

And that, my lovelies, is the best writing advice I could give to anyone. It is also advice I have to give myself on a daily basis. Just do it. Stop over-thinking. Stop waffling. Stop finding excuses to not write. Just do it.