Feeding Your Creativity

I blogged earlier this month on my author site about declaring 2014 the Year of the Girlfriend – making a serious effort to spend time with my friends even though most of them live far away from me.  Not only am I making it a goal to interact with my friends in person but to make sure I spend time each day filling up the “social void” that consumes extroverts like myself.


Carving out time to spend with my friends is about more than just having fun, it’s about helping to replenish my well of creativity…I am a very social person and a social writer.  I love talking through ideas and plots with other people.  I love hearing other people’s creative ideas and what they’re working on – even if it has nothing to do with writing.  These are the kinds of things that inspire me to be a better writer.


This is how I feel after I spend time recharging with friends. Also, I wish I looked this cute in short overalls. But really, nobody looks this cute in short overalls.



Spending time with friends will affect my writing for much longer (and much more reliably and healthily) than holing up by myself with my laptop and gallons of coffee and trying to pound out the words.  I’ve known this about myself for a long time but I haven’t yet made it a priority – to nourish and feed the source of creativity instead of just demanding production from myself.


Everyone’s creativity gets fed in different ways.  For some the thought of of big social type events is more scary than relaxing…I’m an extrovert who was raised by introverts, so I understand differing levels of social needs!  The important thing is to discover what replenishes you creatively and then make it a priority.   I encourage you to do that this year.


What helps feed your creativity? Let me know in the comments!


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